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How to Find ANY Email Address

By February 5, 2016 6 Comments
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This article was originally published on Write Hook Marketing’s blog: Hooked

The Only Two Marketing Tools You Need


If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you are, like myself, a bit of an app junkie.

Something about marketing tools really glazes my cookies.

By the end of this article you’ll be rewarded with step-by-step directions for the process that revolutionized my content marketing strategy. However, it is not only useful for those on the quest for better content.

Any marketer, sales professional, startup or product dev specialist will benefit immensely.


Before starting my own business, I was a content strategist for a tech company. Their growth was at a point where bringing in a dedicated professional marketer was necessary.

So, I was on-boarded and met the rest of my department; me, myself and I. As a one-man marketing department, I was going to need tools to assist me.

That is when I came across this list of marketing tools in an article done by Sujan Patel. This is when I was introduced to BuzzSumo and many other helpful products. BuzzSumo was first on Patel’s list of must-have marketing tools. It is also one of the two tools this article is about.

Quite fittingly, the second product is a co-creation of Patel’s.


Mmm, Marketing Tools

Not long into my search for helpful tools, my Chrome toolbar represented upwards of $800/month in marketing software.

In several of these products, I had tools designed to do the same thing (e.g. content marketing, content curation, SEO, analytics). The differences in utilities was insignificant. I sensed I was wasting money.

The abundance of tools proved to be counterproductive, defeating their intended purpose. I knew I needed to cut back, but I’d become attached.

It was around this time that I adopted a new tool that would change my life.


 The Email That Changed Everything


One afternoon I received an email from aforementioned writer and marketer, Sujan Patel.

Finding his list of marketing tools useful (prior to my excessive subscribing), I saw that he published helpful content across several digital outlets.

The email’s subject was introducing yet another marketing SaaS product.

Active software addict that I was, I had to open it.


This was the moment everything changed. vowed to help in the area I was finding most challenging, particularly influencer identification and outreach.

I had made it several days without investing in any new products, but offered a free 14-day trial.

It didn’t take half that time before I was a paying customer.

This time, it wasn’t because I’m a sucker for a good marketing product.Instead, I found this product to immediately be worth the investment.

For the low price $9/month I became a subscriber of A few days after that, I upgraded my subscription to the most expensive plan they offer (only $19/month).

I identified quickly that this was an investment with a worthwhile return. I was a satisfied customer from the jump. At this point, I hadn’t even stumbled upon the best part.

It was a few weeks later that I came to a realization that changed everything.


The Process That Every Marketer Must Know 

I have known what I’m about to share with you for a while now. I didn’t think I would ever share it with anyone. I’m sure that there are other savvy marketers who’ve also figured this out, but most have not.

However, it’s proven so useful for me that I feel obligated to give back to the marketing community that’s helped me so much.


The Meat & Potatoes

Follow these steps and your content promotion strategy will be amplified exponentially.

These are the two tools that, when used together, create the most powerful marketing tool I’ve ever used.


  1. BuzzSumo buzz sumo logo

BuzzSumo is ideal for content marketers. This tool is crucial in my content marketing efforts.

Type in a keyword or phrase and BuzzSumo will return the most shared content on that topic. Shares are broken down by social channel, allowing you to see which content does best on different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc)

This is just one of many perks BuzzSumo offers its users.

BuzzSumo also reveals trending stories before they go viral, displays content analysis for influencer outreach, allows for domain comparison, notifies users based on brand or keyword mentions, and much more.

By itself, BuzzSumo was one of my favorite and most used tools. Once I realized what I’m able to do with the data I receive from it, it became invaluable.

Here is what you need to do to start the process:

This is what you’ll be looking at when you’re logged into BuzzSumo.

For the sake of this example I searched ‘small business marketing tips’, since that is what my marketing firm does.


Search for whatever content topic your target customer persona or audience would be interested in.

Once you have your results, you’re going to look for a story that has a good amount of shares on Twitter (something in the 300-500 range). It is important that the shares are specifically from Twitter. A story with ten thousand Facebook shares and sixteen on Twitter is of no value for the sake of this process.

Then, you’ll select the option to ‘view sharers’

buzz sumo content marketer process 2

That will bring you to a page with a whole bunch of Twitter users.

Select the option to export that list. It will give you the option to export as an Excel file or a .csv. Select the latter.

buzz sumo content marketer process 3


Is your list saved? Good. Moving on…


Now, on to the second tool,


This tool is fantastic.

*They offer a 14-day free trial. After that there are two paid plans ($9/$19 per month),

Upon discovering what I was able to do with this tool, I would have gladly paid $100/month for (If Sujan Patel ever reads this, please don’t hold me to that!).

Ok, so we have our saved list of Twitter users from BuzzSumo.

Now, we are going to upload our .csv file to

content marketer tutorial

content marketer tutorial

You will be given one last screen before the magic happens.

Simply change the ‘ID’ into an ‘email address’.

Once you’ve done so, hit continue.

You’ll notice that is capable of interpreting a whole bunch of other information as well. I often find it to be useful and take the extra few seconds to go through it, but for the sake of this process let’s keep it simple.

content maketer tutorial

The tool will now begin to work its magic.

After a short period of time, your list will return with data that includes a list of email addresses. Nearly an email address for each of the contacts you uploaded.

Let me repeat that in case you didn’t process how marvelous it is:

It will return with a list of email addresses belonging to the people from your list.

What will be returned to you will look like the screenshot below. I pixelated the names and email addresses, so as not to anger the subjects of this example.

The colored dots next to the names represent how confident is that this address belongs to the individual listed.

When using for influencer outreach, you’ll see that you can do that outreach right from the results page.

buzz sumo tutorial

God bless you, Sujan Patel and Colin Mathews.


Go Time

I shouldn’t need to spell out what you can do now that you have a list of email addresses, along with knowledge of the content they found worth sharing with others. You likely have an email marketing tool you use. That would probably be the next destination.

Personally, I use GetResponse as my preferred tool for email marketing. Aside from email and autoresponders, GetResponse also delivers forms, landing pages, webinars and more. They seem to always be improving.

If you’ve never tried it, you can save $30 by signing up through this link (yes, you’ve just witnessed shameless affiliate marketing). Pricing starts at free and goes up depending on number of subscribers or features.

This a good time to mention that no one from BuzzSumo or contacted me. They have no part in the writing of this. Nor is anyone asking me to write this article. I’m not friends (or even acquaintances) with anyone from either company.

As far as I know, neither company offers an affiliate program or promotion based incentive.

I just genuinely love these two tools.

They’re unquestionably useful individually, but together they’re a marketing super-power.



Upon discovering this process, I eliminated a good chunk of expenses going towards marketing tools/software. Aside from a few marketing tools, infographic software and other essentials, this is all I need.

I hope you get as much use out of this as I have.

Since discovering this, I started Write Hook Marketing.

In the interest of sharing profitable information, we added this blog of curated and original content.

Our goal is to make small business marketing an affordable reality.

Hopefully, this article provides that solution to someone.

To receive more helpful tips like this, subscribe to Hooked: A Digital Marketing Blog.

I promise we won’t become a stage-5 clinger and start blowing your inbox up.

Oh yeah, one last gift…

If you are a content strategist, you may also find this tool helpful: Write Hook Marketing Bible. I created this to increase productivity and save time. It should help you organize your content marketing efforts. We use it religiously.

Happy Marketing

*UPDATE 5/2/2016: Several people have brought to my attention in the comments below that they are running into trouble with the process. It seems that it is due to attempting to use without a subscription. In the event they are not offering a free trial promotion, you would have to pay in order to complete this growth hack. 

If you don’t want to pay a monthly charge for either app or don’t have the time to do this, but want the targeted lists that come from it, contact me. I would be happy to build a list for you at a fraction of the rate most email list sellers charge.


Click here to learn more about how I use this growth hack for list-building


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Write Hook Founder, Nick McGuire

Nick McGuire is a marketing professional, entrepreneur and founder of Write Hook Marketing.

You can follow Nick and the Write Hook team on Twitter and on Facebook.




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Author Nick McGuire

Nick McGuire is a marketer, entrepreneur and founder of Write Hook Marketing

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  • Chris says:

    This doesn’t seem to work anymore, and a few of the steps you have screenshotted above once in don’t seem to match how the software is currently laid out. Am I missing something, I’ve gone through the process you have outlined multiple times and you have either left steps out or it doesn’t work?

    • Chris –
      where are you getting up to when you run into the problem? It still works for me and seems to be laid out the same. When you get into and upload a CSV, import your BuzzSumo results/sharers.
      From there it should be rather easy to get to the finish line.
      Let me know where you’re running into trouble and I’ll find a way to help you out.

  • Hana says:

    Hey, this didn’t work for me. I imported a Buzzsumo CSV to and the id seems to a number…( i used Ninja Outrech)

    • Nick McGuire says:

      The ID will be a number when you export from buzzsumo. When you upload the csv to, it will be able to interpret that data. Did you upload the csv there? Getting it from buzzsumo is only half way through the process

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